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Business Analytics

Fast, accurate insights lead to better business decisions Your business is driven by goals such as reducing customer churn, optimizing sales and marketing results, or improving health outcomes. And this requires business leaders to make accurate decisions quickly. But the complexity of integrating all this data makes it hard for you to deliver the data quickly and efficiently. Analytics are only as good as the data—and only as fast as the platform that manages that data.
It’s hard to deliver business value when you’re dealing with data that are:
  • Poor quality or incomplete
  • Stale
  • Siloed in dozens of unconnected applications
  • Drawn from external sources that you don’t control

Big Data

Because of its ever-growing volume and variety, big data is difficult to find, prepare, master, govern, and protect. As the pace of business speeds up and the velocity of data from the Internet of Things increases, organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to capture and process big data in real-time. Manual processes for reconciling fragmented, duplicate, inconsistent, inaccurate, and incomplete data, as well as fragmented point solutions, result in dubious data and delayed business insights that can’t be trusted. AT DBA Architect we offer a systematic approach to big data management that is cloud-ready from day one and enables you to quickly and repeatedly get more business value from more bigger data without more risk.

Database Management

When it comes to database management solutions with capabilities in implementing a remote and on-site basis database management solution, with constant active monitoring, management and preventative maintenance to ensure a reliable, robust and optimally performing database environment then you have come to the right partner. This service, which protects clients from potential disasters and unnecessary downtime, can be extended to monitor application-specific tasks or database batch jobs.
When you partner with our Database Management team we offer the following cost effective solutions:
  • Proactive Management
  • Reactive Management
  • Management Reporting

Database Architecture

Our Database Architecture team services our clients and assists them on constructing the underlying data assets of an organization. We utilize rapid iterations to get results into the hands of our clients quickly and reliably. These same principles are used to create interoperability between data sets and systems through designing and building solutions focusing on the movement, transformation, cleansing and provisioning of data. By building your big data strategy on a solid foundation of data agility, integrity and interoperability, you will have fast and accurate data for well-informed decision-making.
A comprehensive data architecture Includes:
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Warehouse
  • Information Architecture
  • Data Migration
  • Master Data Management

ERP Management

At DBA Architect, we have been managing our customers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) installations since our inception – it is at the core of what we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the market. Our team has deep-rooted expertise in implementing and managing every aspect of the solution for virtually any size organization and brings that knowledge and established best practices accumulated from our hundreds of successful deployments to each and every new engagement. We deliver an SLA-based service model that provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for most Application Support. All this is delivered in a flexible consumption-based model. Our ERP specialists are aligned with our Development Service Desk staff to provide application-specific expertise at both UI and data layers.

24/7 Support

Our company combines centralized customer service and support functions in a highly functional and responsive call centres. It is our first line of contact to our clients. At Enterprise Outsourcing we are able to offer inbound and outbound call centre solutions 24/7. Our latest technology includes a range of 24/7 Answering service, customer care or a fully outsourced IT Call Centre Solution.
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